Courses during the 2021-WT term
A survey of the development of Christianity from its origins to the present. Focusing on the response of Christianity to the internal and external challenges, and the influence of the church in the world. Prereq: sophomore standing.
A study of the fundamental laws and concepts of chemistry. The emphasis is placed on atomic and molecular structure and bonding, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, and solutions. 4 lec. Recommended to be taken in conjunction with CHE 168.
By arrangement with advisor. Section -01 is the catch-all parent section for internships. Section -02 is the parent section for ACC, BML, COM, CAR, & BUS. Section -03 is the parent section for PED & SPE.
Analysis of institutions, functions, and problems in marketing; planning and procedures related to the distribution of goods; costs, price determination, and trends.