Courses during the 2122-WT term
By arrangement with advisor. 
The course provides a Christ-centered study of the concepts, theories, principles, and applications that contribute to the intersection of health psychology and human adjustment within the context of the biopsychosocial model. Emphasis is placed on Christian application of these principles to situations that might occur during college life, during personal and social experiences, and at work or in one’s career.
This course is an in-depth study and discussion of a specific topic in the field of business. It may be repeated with a change of topics. Prerequisite(s): Varies with topic
This course focuses on the interaction of ethics and business decision making, enhancing the development of Christian business leaders who think critically and ethically. Students explore moral and ethical problems confronting business through a series of readings, videos, and discussions. . Prerequisite(s): Junior Standing
A survey of the development of Christianity from its origins to the present. Focusing on the response of Christianity to the internal and external challenges, and the influence of the church in the world. Prereq: sophomore standing.