Course Description

PED 154 Strength and Power Development is a 1 cr. advanced strength training course designed for the more experience athlete or individual with previous strength training and weight lifting experience. Components of the program will be custom made by the individual student to meet his or her specific needs relative to their specific sports or situations. Students will work out using individual or team programs tailored to their particular needs combining strength training, power lifting, plyometrics, cross training, and HITT exercises. Students will be expected to workout individually on a weekly basis, keep a written record and journal of their workouts, and submit their logs and journals for review.  

Prereq: previous HS lifting experience, WLC varsity athlete, or permission of instructor.

Course Objectives

During this course, students will:

1.      Set up a strength training workout plan for the entire semester

2.      Actively workout two – three times per week throughout the 15 week course

3.      Understand the importance of evaluation in daily, weekly, monthly, and long term planning

4.      Reflect on experiences working out and begin analyzing how to assess and program